Radio Mango. The first ever Konkani program across all media in the northern and western Hemispheres
In a market saturated with Bollywood, Punjabi and Hindi programs, comes a program so niche, so unique, you wonder why it took so long!
RADIO MANGO is one of a kind. It’s the first ever Konkani program to hit Canadian airwaves. Targeting the South Asian Diaspora from the Konkan coast, the program talks to a unique and niche audience. It caters to a target audience, which, because of the Mediterranean influence, is unique in its own right. The average Konkani speaking South Asian has excellent education and has a high purchasing power!
What makes it even more unique is that Radio Mango reaches a segment of the population that has been here for a very long time, but have never been spoken to in their own language.
Our Mission
To bring together the Konkani speaking communities of Goa and Mangalore through the medium of radio. To help the community identify with it roots and cultural heritage through a common touch point: The Konkani language.
RADIO MANGO’S final destination is to be THE VOICE of the Konkani speaking people, and THE platform for this community.
Milena Marques-Zachariah – Founder / Producer / Host
With over 25 years in mainstream advertising, Milena has gained critical international experience in creating and building brands. This valuable exposure came in handy when she conceived and launched Radio Mango – the first and only Konkani radio in North America. As a multicultural communications specialist she has helped major national and international brands relate to their consumers by aligning their messages to ethnic minorities. As professional writer and producer of hundreds of jingles and radio commercials, she brings depth of experience and invaluable insights to ensure a meaningful relationship with the Konkani speaking community.
Alan Sequeira – Co-founder / Host / Creative Director
Alan is the other pea in the pod! Creative Director by profession, Alan’s roots are from Kallianpur, Mangalore. He has been Milena’s professional partner for years and thus, the Radio Mango collaboration was an organic evolvement. Alan has spent most of his life in front of a drawing board and computer, churning out designs and ideas for national and international brands in India, Dubai, Bahrain and now Canada. Multi-talented, Alan brings other core skills like photography, web-designing and digital expertise to the table. Creating compelling images and the drive to achieve his goals are some of Alan’s invaluable skills. Nothing ever escapes his eagle eye!
Velda Abreu – Partner
Velda Abreu is a self motivated individual, who breaks through the wall of 'It can't be done'. She has a successful career within diverse management roles in Canada. Velda’s ability to inspire people in her community has resulted in her successfully engaging youth and seniors to connect with each other. This drive to contribute to the community has led her to Radio Mango, where she is actively engaged as a partner and an event management expert.