Pleasure Unmasked. Viva Carnaval!
The last 3 days of feasting before the fasting starts on 2nd March. In many countries around the world, these 3 days are so heady and hedonistic, pleasure seekers travel to bask in 3 days of fun, food and frolicking.
And why not! Carnival, or carnaval is a huge celebration in New Orleans – where it is known as Mardi gras - Brazil and, of course, Goa! Pleasure posses travel to Goa in hordes to join the carnaval floats, or just stand and gape at the glorious costumes and graceful dancers.
In the villages of Goa, it’s a different kind of MOUZA. Moyekar, or masked men come around, singing, acting AND dancing in exchange for a small amount of money. I remember, these masked revellers used to scare the daylights out of me, as a kid. But we loved them, and waited for them to appear every carnaval. For 3 days, these moyekars roamed the villages, scaring, delighting and entertaining village folks shouting Viva Carnaval!!! Long live Carnival!!!