After many false starts, many broken promises, and many snow-filled days, Spring seems to have made it’s tentative appearance. And just when the little green shoots popped out their heads from the thawing ground, we got another bout of white dusting. However, the sun has started to shine bravely and the chirping of birds signals that Spring‘s time has come.
Easter is different. We all know that starting from Ash Wednesday, Christians around the world will celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For people of this faith, nothing can be more certain than the celebration of the dying on the cross of God’s son for the salvation of all believers.
Back home, Lent season is followed with great devotion, with the ritual of fasting is followed strictly for the entire duration of Lent.
And then, at the end of 46 days, the feasting begins. Dining tables groan under the weight of sorpotel, indad, capidel, caldinha, reicheado fish curries and more.
Yes, Spring and Easter are certainly worth waiting for. HAPPY EASTER!