Our heart is the engine which keeps us running. It also keeps us thinking of others. That’s why it is imperative that we take the utmost care of our hearts.
So how do we do that? Let’s ensure we eat the right things, exercise regularly and most important, take time to think of others’ needs and what we can do to help the less fortunate.
We have all heard at some time in our lives an elder saying ‘Kaliz nitoll dovorlear, dev soddanch tujer bessaum ghalta’. No truer words have been said!
The heart reminds me of a computer. Just as the computer has its hardware and the software to keep it humming, our hearts, too, work in a similar fashion. The hardware is based on our health, and how we take care of our well-being’s wiring. The software is emotion-based. It is devoted to helping others and giving back – until it hurts. So this Valentines let's be generous with our LOVE!