Winter is still here. And Spring is lagging behind. Far behind.
We’re all waiting for that precious time that we all have so learned to appreciate. When the sun will come out in a new show of strength. When life gets rejuvenated everywhere the eye can see. When bare, brown trees get a covering of freshly minted green. When birds flap all over the branches, filling the air with their cheery chirps. When sweet daffodils poke their yellow selves out of hibernation with determination. When dog walkers have shed their long over coats and take time to chat with fellow dog walkers. And when there’s a spring in everybody’s step as they take their first tentative walks into the crisp, Spring air.
This year, Spring will be greeted with an extra reverence all over Canada and the Northern Hemisphere. Yes, Spring has certainly earned its respect.
At Radio Mango, Spring promises new things as well. We will soon be introducing a Traveller’s Show and a Konkani learning segment. Not to forget preparations for our popular RADIO MANGO MANIA event to be held later in the Fall. However, more of that later.
First, let’s celebrate Spring!