If each and every one of us – Goans and Mangaloreans – decide that we will talk at least one sentence or even one word while conversing with our folks we will bring our language where it belongs: In the mainstream of our lives, instead of sidelining it to an occasional conversation.
Come on Mango people, let’s take back what truly belongs to us. Our language is the biggest identifier of who we are, and where we belong. We are more than just Vindaloo enthusiasts. We are more than just Pau eaters. We are more than just Feni guzzlers. We have a language that we should be roll ing off our tongues with pride. And that language, may I remind you, is Konkani. Not Kannada, not Portuguese and certainly not English. Our origins started on the Konkan coast. Our roots in the region are as deep as the coconut trees that stand proud and tall along our coastline.
Let’s make a firm resolution today: Amchi Bhas amkam zai.