Who knew, eh? Who knew that a concept that was born and carried out in a month’s time would reach such an important milestone? Who could have predicted that a weekend program would have such tenacity that it would reach the hearts and souls of Konkani lovers not just in Toronto, but all over the world?
Our heartfelt thanks to all you wonderful people who have supported us through these 4 years and have helped us reach our 200th broadcast!
It’s our language, people. It’s Konkani that has proved to be the cement that has bound us together – wherever we may be in the world. It’s ‘amchi bhas’ that has brought Mangaloreans, Goans, and all other Konkani speaking people on one platform to show our strength as one united front. It’s Radio Mango, the only Konkani program of its kind in North America that has paved the path and shown the way.
On Radio Mango’s 200th show, let’s pledge to take Konkani further into the future. So our kids, and their kids can stand proud and tall as Konkankars. Yes, it’s our mother tongue that will define us for who we are and what we stand for.
Viva Konkani. Viva Radio Mango.